Mission Statement

The Heinemann Soccer mission is to honor God through the way we teach and train players.  It is our desire for players to grow and improve their soccer skills no matter what level they are at.  We believe in creating a positive atmosphere where players can compete, develop, and enjoy the game of soccer.


How it All Began

In 1998, at the age of 11, little Tommy Heinemann canvassed the

neighborhood with bright blue flyers in hopes of making some

summer money to save for a new bike.

That summer 4 children attended the first ever Heinemann Soccer

Camp in the Heinemann’s side yard.  The kids soaked up the sun

and played some soccer, while Mrs. Heinemann brought watermelon

out to the kids for snack.  The kids had a blast!

Over the next several years, Heinemann Soccer Camp grew into one

of the popular local summer camps in Brentwood, Missouri.  Known

for being affordable and family friendly, the camp was, and still is

dedicated to providing a pathway for kids of all skillsets.  From the

players that had little or no soccer experience, to players who had 

been playing for years, HSC created a place where each player

could be challenged to grow and develop as a player.



Where it is Now

HSC has evolved into Heinemann Soccer (HS) and has stuck to its roots providing opportunity for players of all ages and skill sets to be challenged.  HS teaches players how to train and play with the ultimate mindset of glorifying God through playing the beautiful game of soccer.  HS encompasses all the different camps and clinics that Tom and the HS staff run.  From small group training to full team camps and clinics to consulting work, the HS staff prides itselfon the teaching and development of the players in an energetic atmosphere.  The fundamentals of soccer, teamwork, and attitude are at the core of the HS tradition.  At summer camps, HS breaks soccer into its simplest form highlighting dribbling, passingand shooting as main teaching points. It is an excellent environmentfor young players to hone their skills, while being in a competitive, positive and energetic atmosphere.

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