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March 24th, 2016
















The Premier Development League's New Look!


BREAKING: The St. Louis Lions are the PDL team in St. Louis, MO; one of the many teams affected by the changes being made in the PDL. The Premier Development League has recently unveiled a new logo in an attempt at rebranding.  The new brand is a solid representation of the players’ Path to Pro.  This is the model that the new logo focuses on and really pushes players to reach that point.  In an effort to emphasize this new logo and boost the rebranding of the PDL, they have posted ten MUST-SEE games for this season. The Lions’ home-opener will also be a match that you do not want to miss. 

St. Louis Lions’ Home Opener: Sunday, May 22 vs. WSA Winnipeg

*Their schedule consists of games every week (home and away) until mid-July.


Head out to watch the St. Louis Lions this summer.  They will be featured in Session 2 of Heinemann Soccer STL and they are a PDL team you do not want to miss! Having them featured at camp will be beneficial to campers because they will get a chance to learn from some of the best players in St. Louis.  The Lions’ players are continuously working to develop themselves and will be sharing that experience with the campers of HS STL.  As the new ‘Path to Pro’ slogan, they truly are striving to reach that point and will display that at Heinemann Soccer this summer.  Come learn and kick it with them! #Path2Pro

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