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May 28, 215















The Sports Medicine and Training Center

Heinemann Soccer would like to announce the continuation of their partnership with The Sports Medicine and Training Center (SMTC). This year will mark the 7th year SMTC has been involved in Heinemann Soccer.  They will continue to work on field with the campers teaching proper movement and total body coordination.


While terms of the partnership are not disclosed, this

summer players will benefit from further teaching

and development in speed and coordination, “The

opportunity to have highly certified specialists work

with our players is absolutely excellent” said

Heinemann, “Our players will not only benefit from

coaching and technical development of the soccer

realm, but will also be taught proper athletic

technique and coordinated movements which will

help them for years to come”.   While the priority at

camp will still be soccer, the benefit of having trained

staff on-field could help accelerate development, “I

believe speed and coordination is a key part of

development as a young player not only in soccer,

but in all sports.  These are components to playing

sports that really help players improve the efficiency

of their movement, while also reducing injury risk.”


Heinemann speaks fondly of his time spent at SMTC

and relishes the chance the young players will get to

work with such high quality performance staff at such                                              Photo from Patti G. and

a young age,  “I have spent a great amount of time working with SMTC and wish I had this opportunity at such a young age.  Scott, Jake and the entire staff at SMTC are exceptional at getting people strong, fit, and developing proper technique.  I can’t help but think of the boost it will give our players in their development.”  Heinemann has spent time recovering from two torn ACLs at SMTC and was very enthusiastic when asked about his time spent at their clinic, “The type of care provided at SMTC is next to none.  Even after my two ACL recoveries, I still go there to train because I believe in what they do.”  SMTC has two St. Louis locations (see below) in Crestwood and Clayton.  


Sports Medicine & Training Center Locations

SMTC – Crestwood                                                                                                 SMTC – Clayton
119 Watson Plaza                                                                                                    8235 Clayton Road
Crestwood, MO  63126                                                                                          Clayton, MO  63117
Phone: 314-961-3787                                                                                              Phone: 314-961-3787
Fax: 314-961-0974                                                                                                   Fax: 314-338-7754

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